Osmo Gets Featured in Spring Toys Gift Guide List for Kids

April 26, 2021 / Company News

The Toy Insider has voted that Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit is one of the best spring toys to gift kids this year!

Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit (Ages 6-10): Spring & Summer Toys for Kids

This kit offers fun learning games that interact with actual hand-held pieces and an iPad and/or Fire tablet, bringing a child’s actions to life. The 5 digital-physical educational games in the kit are as follows:


Arrange tangible Tangram tiles to match the image on the screen while improving spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination.


Solve challenging word puzzles with the help of on-screen clues and hints to enhance your vocabulary.


Guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones using inventive objects. (such as grandma’s glasses, dad’s keys, etc!) It’s the best way to learn about acceleration.


Pick an image, and Osmo’s interactive and creative drawing ideas for kids tool will convert it into easy-to-draw outlines that you can draw along. Beyond honing drawing skills, this game also improves fine motor skills and creativity.


Level up your math skills with Osmo’s Numbers. In this game, you’ll learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication through hands-on play!
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