Easy Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids

April 12, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Acquiring creative drawing skills helps kids practice mark-making, hand-eye coordination, and increases self-confidence. These fun drawing games are sure to awaken your child’s inner artistic creativity.

Corpse Creative Drawing for kids:

This fun drawing games for kids is a great way to hone your child’s creativity and imagination. All you need to do is draw a part of an animal on a sheet of paper, fold it, and give it to your child. They then will have to continue the drawing without fully unfolding the paper, and give it to the next kid, who has to continue the drawing. By the end, the creative drawing for kids will appear to be that of a comical corpse. The game is best enjoyed by a group of children thereby aiding in collaborative play!

Verbally Explained Fun Drawing Games:

For this game, your child will have to draw anything of their choice. Then, without showing the drawing to their peers, they need to verbally explain what they’ve drawn so that their friends can try to draw the image to perfection. Beyond honing their creativity and drawing skills, this creative drawing for kids will also enhances descriptive skills and language development. 

Connect the Dots Easy and Creative Drawing:

If you’re on the lookout for preschool learning games fun games for kids that encourage kids to do creative drawing, we have what you need. All you have to do is take a sheet of paper with random dots spread across the page. Your child will have to connect these dots and then form a creative drawing of their choice. This game is a great way to spark your little artist’s imagination and curiosity. For the best kids iPad games, check out Osmo’s Masterpiece, Monster, and Super Studio. These enable your little one to go on a digital adventure while bringing their drawings to life!

Leaf Rubbings Drawing Games with Kids:

To play this drawing games with kids, you will need some leaves and colorful crayons. First, take a leaf and put a sheet of paper on top of it. Second, use your crayon to trace the leaf onto the paper. Third, Continue rubbing over the entire leaf until they’ve created a stunning picture. You can make more leaf rubbings using different crayons and different leaf shapes to make beautiful, yet easy and creative drawing!

All the above learning games for kids will help to set their creativity in motion and tap their artistic potential. Try playing these games and see how interactive learning methods and play-based approaches to drawing can make children feel like young Picassos!