Osmo and Bennett Day School offer Osmo Kaleidoscope – Free for a limited time

March 17, 2020 / Company News

Explore, design, discover with Osmo Kaleidoscope. This unique app lets you bring your own objects, tangibles, and collectibles to playful Osmo learning! Kaleidoscope can be revisited often, whenever you want to explore new seasonal items from nature, or fun things of personal interest to you.

We’ve also made Osmo Kaleidoscope, in collaboration with Bennett Day School, free the next two weeks for parents and kids to enjoy on their iPad and Amazon Fire tablets (see a full list of compatible devices here). Osmo Kaleidoscope has you use your Osmo to make interesting kaleidoscope effects with everyday objects, toys, art materials, or seasonal items from nature! Find the app available on the Apple App and Amazon App Store.

Learning experiences with Osmo Kaleidoscope as:

● Fostering creativity with everyday objects

● Kinesthetic engagement

● Collaborative learning

● Discover symmetry in S.T.E.M.

● 1-30 number display

● Fine-motor skills & spatial reasoning

● Alphabetized themes and shapes

● Open-ended exploration for ages 4-12(+)

Check out how to get started with Osmo Kaleidoscope here.

How to Set-Up Kaleidoscope:

To get started, grab your Osmo Base & Reflector, plus 5-10 small items to explore!

1. Set up your compatible tablet device in your Osmo Base. Make sure you have the Osmo Kaleidoscope app installed and ready to play.

2. Arrange your real-world items a few inches in front of the Osmo base and begin seeing beautiful visual transformations using the power of symmetry in design.

3. Experiment by making slight movements of each object to fine-tune your designs. Each movement will bring objects closer or farther away from Kaleidoscope’s lines of symmetry, and this will impact your design.

4. These lines of symmetry create segments in your design. See the number of segments in use on the dashboard display (1-30). Use either slider-bar to change the number of segments.

5. Kaleidoscope offers collaborative experiences, with dual controls on either side of your screen, so invite a friend to join in the fun!

6. Continue placing new and different objects on the tabletop playspace near your Osmo base. The Osmo Reflector will enable your device’s camera to see these objects

If you already have an Osmo base and reflector, Let’s get started to play and don’t forget to download some of our other free learning apps available on the Apple App and Amazon App Store.