Introducing Osmo Projector: A Free App to Help Teachers Create An Engaging Virtual Classroom

March 17, 2020 / Company News

Responding to urgent requests by educators seeking the right tool to teach in an online or remote learning environment, Osmo announces the release of Osmo Projector. Projector works with the Osmo Base and Mirror, helping teachers project their real written notes onto a professional-looking, virtual blackboard for conferencing or recorded lessons.

The free Projector App for iPad is available for immediate download from the App Store.

Recently, a UC Berkeley professor who transitioned to online teaching, discovered how Osmo’s well-known red reflector can help replace the traditional “blackboard,” evidenced in his tweet.

“It is amazing that Osmo is responding so quickly and generously with this initiative!,” says Dr. Elizabeth Migicovksy, Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at San Jose State University in San Jose, California. “They understand that we’re all in a difficult situation, and their simple solution was timely and quite perfect for what we need.”

When asked what sets Osmo Projector apart from other teaching apps, she says, “the greater potential for both face-to-face interaction and note-taking ability. Most of the apps are just whiteboards, and you never see the instructor’s hands or face. It’s not very personal, and it gets really boring for students. With Osmo, an instructor can be more ‘real’ instead of just having words appear on the screen. It’s more engaging. It’s also more similar to what we are used to doing–writing on the board or on the document camera. When we are transitioning from in-class to virtual lectures, keeping things as consistent as possible is likely to help the students during this chaotic experience.”

To learn more about using the app, visit here. To know more about Osmo products designed for schools visit here

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** In 2018, Osmo received a Best AI-based Solution for Education Award for its proprietary Reflective AI technology. It was also named one of Time Magazine’s “25 Best Inventions” in 2014. **