Fun Learning Games to Raise Avid Readers

April 12, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Enforcing reading as a duty can make kids dislike the activity altogether. Turning it into an enjoyable experience through fun learning games is a great way to improve their interest in a language and make them love reading.

Reading Photographs – Learning Games for Kids at Home

For this fun learning games at home activity, all you need is a book of pictures or a family album. You could show your child a photo and ask them to describe the picture aloud and form complete sentences as they describe them. This form of reading piques their imagination while they comprehend the meaning of something that isn’t even written! If you’re looking for creative board games for kids to play that aid in language development, this is just the game for you.

Picture and Word Association

Arrange some pictures around your little one and write their names on some flashcards. Your child will have to match the picture with the correct flashcard while reading the names aloud. This fun learning games will help your child understand the association between a picture and a word and also develop reading skills. Osmo’s Words is another example of a game that enables your little genius to expand their vocabulary while associating pictures with their meanings.

Word-Based Snakes and Ladders – Learning Numbers Game

You can add a fun twist to the popular snakes and ladders game by replacing the numbers on all the 100 squares on the board with easy words. If you don’t already have the board, you can make one on your own. Beyond learning new words, this learning number games for preschoolers enables your child to improve their visual identification skills and reading comprehension. Remember, the best fun learning games are those that blend learning and fun together!

Hopscotch Spelling Bee – Fun Learning Games

This fun spelling activities game is the most fun when played in an open area. You will need a piece of chalk to mark the hopscotch maps with a letter in each box, and a couple of chits with easy words written on them. If a child opens a chit with the word “apple” on it, they will have to hop on the letter A once, P twice, L once, and E once too. Make them read the letters out loud while they play and even set a time limit to ramp up the excitement! 

Bedtime Storytelling

Telling a story to your child before they go to bed is a great way to help them learn new words and retain them in their memory. Beyond teaching phonics games for kids, this activity will also help your child get a clear understanding of sentence construction and eventually teach them to read. An alternative to this activity is a fun iPad game called Stories. This hands-on learning explores your child’s problem-solving abilities and helps them depict stories and navigate adventures!
We know that it could be challenging to get your little one to inculcate reading into their daily routine. With these fun learning games, your child won’t see reading as a monotonous chore but as something they enjoy to do! For more educational games and interactive kids games, visit our website.