4 Earth Day Games for Kids

April 21, 2021 / Parent Resources

To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve listed a few nature-centered games and Earth Day Games for kids that encourage children to care for the planet.

Ready, Set, Recycle

To start playing this game, you’ll need to first gather a few empty bins. Once you’ve got those lined up, you’ll need to label them for various kinds of recyclables. For example, one bin could be labeled “glass”, the other could be labeled “plastic”, and so on. Then, divide kids into teams and have them rummage through sets of recyclable materials and drop them into the correct bin. 

And remember, only one player can play at a time. That means, after one player sorts the material into the right bin, they need to go back to their team and tag the next player to carry out the same process.

Scavenger Hunt

Here’s one of the best Earth Day interactive activities for kids at home. All you have to do is make a list of common items found in nature, and then instruct your child to find all those items. Whoever manages to finish the fastest, wins!

For a digital-physical game of scavenger hunt where you hunt for clues and bust villainous thieves across the world, check out Osmo’s Detective Agency.

Art Project

This could be one of the best Earth Day games for elementary students. It could actually be played right after the Earth Day scavenger hunt (see above!). Once they’ve collected all the items found in nature, they could make an art project using them. Maybe they could paint rocks, build cute houses using twigs, and so on!

Musical Lily Pads

If you’re looking for more nature-themed Earth Day games for kids, we’ve got you covered. This game is just like Musical Chairs. The only difference is, we replace chairs with homemade lily pads. Making lily pads is pretty simple. All you need is a poster board to make them. Place those lily pads on the ground and play some music!

Instead of just walking around those homemade lily pads, instruct them to hop like frogs when the music plays.

We hope your kids enjoy playing these Earth Day activities games for kids! Check the rest of our website for online interactive games that teach kids core skills through play.