Using AI to Enhance Learning Experience in Fun iPad Games

December 9, 2019 / Parent Resources

AI is the emulation of human intelligence by machines and/or computers. It has made its way into fun iPad games to help grade performance in the classroom and at home, to provide feedback and personalize learning experiences for children. This would allow teachers and parents to adapt learning strategies according to insights on the progress children made Parents and teachers can also have more productive in-person interactions with children.

AI can also provide different forms of gameplay. It can create a simulated character based on the child’s learning level. As children play against it throughout the game, they can learn better. This adds to the adaptability of the kids learning experience. 

Educational Games using AI

AI integration into fun educational games for kids can be used to promote children’s development. AI is used in easily programmable and portable robots to execute tasks and help children learn. Educational games also use AI to observe how children play and adapt gameplay to the individual playing the game. 

Osmo learning system taps into the power of AI, transforming tablets and phones into a streamlined interface offering children the virtue of hands-on play. Children get to see the feedback for their play in real time. Onscreen engagement and feedback retain the children’s interest while the offline game pieces provide the benefits of hands-on play.            

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit include fun iPad games that foster imagination, creativity, out of the box thinking and problem solving on various levels. It builds pre-writing, pre-drawing skills and grows cognitive and social emotional skills. Here are the fun-filled games that make up the kit:

  • Osmo Little Genius ABCs game takes a page out of the phonics approach to teach children reading. Mo the friendly monster lets children fill his travel book with objects, letters and words. Children get to build letters and words while Mo spells it out. This builds fine motor skills and critical pre-reading skills in children while having a whole lot of fun! 
  • Osmo Little Genius Squiggle Magic game turns children into instant animators by breathing life into their drawings, enhancing their fine motor skills and fostering imagination. 
  • Osmo Little Genius Costume party game lets children be silly and have fun dressing up an online character without too many rules and restrictions. 
  • Osmo Little Genius Stories game brings out the explorer in children and builds problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking. Kids can go on exciting quests to seek out precious artefacts and solve problems on the fly. 

iPad games for kids that are enhanced with AI integration are bound to make the learning experience more effective and meaningful to children. Equip your children with Osmo to be on the cutting edge of learning today!