Shop Water-Resistant Storage Travel Case for iPad and for Osmo Games

April 13, 2021 / Parent Resources

Traveling with our Osmo just got a whole lot easier with our newly designed travel case for iPad! We’ve got two lightweight, durable carrying case sizes depending on how many games you want to take with you on your trips. 

Osmo Small Carrying Case: Travel Case for iPad

Offers premium protective storage for Numbers, Tangram, Words tiles, Sticks & Rings, Costume Pieces, and Coding Blocks an lightweight case and durable case.

Osmo Large Carrying Case: Travel Case for iPad

Fits the Creative Board and offers premium protective storage for the Markers, Pouch, Number, Tangram, Words tiles, and Coding Blocks

Made from water-resistant polyester and sturdy EVA foam, both Small and Large Carrying Cases are kid-tested and Safety Standard Approved, and come with velcro straps and flaps to hold everything in place. 

Shop our Grab & Go Storage Cases now to keep your Osmo organized and protected on the go!