The Future of Learning, According to Educators

August 26, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

2020 accelerated the shift to hybrid learning. We asked teachers to share what comes next:

“Kids are going to come back with a new understanding of what they want out of school.” – Claire B., 3rd Grade Teacher

“The Information Age + is where we’re going.” – Glenn H., 3rd Grade Teacher

“With students taking greater control of what they study, teachers will become more like facilitators of learning.” – Claudia H., 2nd Grade Teacher

“Tomorrow’s digital learning will be a true extension of what teachers are doing in the classroom.” – Amber G., 4th Grade Teacher

All in all, educators believe that the future of learning is collaboration, differentiation, inquiry-based, and hands-on.


When children learn together as a team, they learn to communicate effectively and retain information in a better manner.


Creating individualized, different learning plans for students based on their learning styles can greatly increase engagement.


Students need to be more actively involved in their learning. They must engage themselves in experiential learning where they learn to pose questions and solve problems.


In this approach, students learn by doing. It is a form of experiential learning where they are greatly engaged in the subject matter.

How Osmo aims to keep your child future-ready

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