The Best Learning Tools for Kids

June 24, 2021 / Parent Resources

“Learning” something might usually be associated with reading. Now, we know kids don’t exactly have the longest attention span. The mere thought of reading for hours on end, focusing on details and remembering information, could bore your little ones. 

These alternative learning tools for kids are sure to come in handy!

Soft Toys

Soft toys serve as wonderful preschool learning tools. This is mainly because they sharpen communication skills and help kids gain a broader understanding of the real world. 

When kids engage in pretend play, they often learn to take on new roles, develop social-emotional skills, and learn to tackle various problems. For example, your child could pretend to be a teacher, and the toy could be the student. You could then ask them what they would do if the student forgot to do their homework.

Osmo’s Pizza Co. is one of the interactive games for kids that enables kids to play pretend, all while teaching math and entrepreneurship!

Board Games

Board games like scrabble are one of the best learning tools for kids. Beyond expanding vocabulary, scrabble also develops your child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Board games for kids that involve playing with dice also make awesome learning tools. This is because it teaches kids the basics of math through hands-on play!

For digital-physical math games for kids, check out Osmo’s Math Wizard series.

Lego Blocks

When kids build blocks, they learn the basics of engineering. Block play also improves your child’s hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. This is why these make one of the most useful educational tools for kids.

Here’s something you could try. Construct a building with the blocks and have your child replicate it!


Focusing on a single task at hand isn’t exactly very appealing to children. Playing with puzzles, however, makes an exception. Solving a puzzle does involve maintaining focus and paying attention to detail, but it also fuels goal-seeking behavior. The joy kids feel when they find each puzzle piece is unmatched! Check out Osmo’s Tangram to solve interactive puzzles.

These educational tools for kids are everything your kids need to learn through play. You can find more interactive activities on our website.