Teaching Kids How to Code Using STEM Games

October 23, 2019 / Parent Resources

Coding is the modern day superpower. It allows kids to learn how to solve problems by applying critical thinking and thinking in different dimensions. There are many ways to learn coding and STEM activities for kids can be used as an effective educational tool for kids to learn coding.

Introducing Coding to Children through STEM games

STEM games can be used to teach kids how to code using engaging game play. Children get to learn coding by playing a fun game, without focus on mistakes. Coding simply becomes the tool required to advance within games that have engaging plot points. Children will learn to use analytical thinking and creative reasoning when they come across problems.

Coding Games as Fun Learning Activities

You can use free educational games to get children started on coding as a fun activity. Once children get a grasp of coding and find it fun and engaging you can go in for games with well defined learning objectives. With STEM based coding games, parents can encourage children to pick up broad cognitive skills, math skills and enhance their working memory.

Osmo coding games for kids are fun iPad games designed to encourage problem solving and critical thinking. The physical game pieces provide essential hands-on play and the digital content  keeps children engaged. These coding activities have also been designed with collaboration as a learning tool. Osmo Coding Awbie game is great to start your kids off with learning how to code. Children will have to hunt for strawberries as the cuddly animated character Awbie. Children will learn about what/if loops and conditional statements while searching for Awbie’s favourite food. 

Osmo Coding Jam includes coding that encourages musical creativity. Children can channel their inner musician by taking on the role of colourful animated characters with musical instruments.  

Osmo Coding Duo lets children team up to take on coding challenges as Mo and Awbie. Children can learn to combine coding strategy to best play the game together, making this game more challenging.

Coding strengthens creative reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. STEM games can help children transition to coding adjacent problem solving approaches using engaging gameplay. The right STEM game would work wonders in introducing children to the world of coding.