Target is One of the Best Places to Buy Interactive Games for Kids

September 26, 2019 / Parent Resources
Photo credit: @livingnotes @from6am and @yevatube 

If you have heard of Osmo’s fun educational learning games and had trouble buying one, look no further! Apart from Osmo’s website, Osmo’s host of interactive educational games and kits are easily available at Target stores across the US. 

Target is currently one of the top ten retailers in the USA (by sales volume) and has been the go-to store for anything you need. Target stores have been designed with the customer experience as a key element with all components of its retail stores architected to suit customer requirement and preference. The aspect that sets Target apart from all other competition is its in-store ambience and store staff that is highly trained and ready to assist customers proactively. Research has shown the main reason why customers decide to shop in a particular store is due to the customer service quality. This can range from fast checkout time to real-time buyer recommendations. 

The Target Effect – Target’s Exceptional Customer Experience

People who walk into a Target store almost often walk out buying more than expected or planned. This is called the “Target Effect” and has been the subject of internet memes for quite some time. The reason behind this is mostly attributed to its excellent visual merchandising, store layout and well trained employees. The customers are welcomed with delightful store employees and guided with clear signage for all store aisles. The customers experience product flows which are seamless such as makeup products placed next to hair products which are followed by toiletries and so on. 

One of the core reasons for Target’s success and popularity is also the quality of products sold and the after sales service that’s offered. Target picks its products based on sheer quality with price coming in a close second.   

Target’s customer experience extends well beyond in-store convenience with stellar after-sales service adding to customer delight. Returns or refunds are generally processed by Target within a limited timeframe (90 days), unless they are rare cases where return or refunds need to be examined closely. When shopping online most product orders are delivered free within two days depending where you are located in the US. Target also lets its customers choose the option of free order pick-up at the store closest to them. 

Osmo’s unique addition to Target’s educational game inventory

Osmo has added to Target’s collection of games significantly with its Game Kits. Online learning games for kids are today’s learning tools which help children learn better with a blended approach to learning. Osmo’s addition to Target’s toys and games inventory provides parents with the option of using interactive educational games for helping their children learn.

Target is one of Osmo’s finest retail partners with thousands of happy customers who get their Osmo’s from Target every month. Most of this sales revenue coming from in store purchases once again points to great in-store customer experience and loyalty. Almost all products sold online at Target receive tend to receive great customer reviews including Osmo’s Game Kits such as the 

  • Osmo Little genius Starter Kit, 
  • Osmo Genius Starter Kit, 
  • Osmo Explorer Starter Kit,   and more

Osmo’s choice in selecting Target as its retail partner is based on its established reputation as the people’s favourite for product needs and is a much needed addition to Target’s  educational learning games inventory.