STEAM Day Sale: Take 25% Off Osmo Bestsellers

November 8, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

More like STEAM week!

Enjoy a 6-day parade of epic deals on your favorite STEAM Kits & Games for kids. (7th November – 13th November)

Little Genius Starter Kit (Ages 3-5)

Engage your preschoolers in core subjects through open-ended play

Coding Starter Kit (Ages 5-10)

Build your child’s coding skills in progression with 3 hands-on kids learning games

Genius Starter Kit (Ages 6-10)

Get everything your child needs to experience hands-on STEAM learning and digital fun!

Creative Starter Kit (Ages 4-10)

Build your child’s creativity and communication skills while fostering endless imagination

Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop (Ages 6-8)

Develop your child’s addition & subtraction skills through hands-on play

Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons (Ages 6-8)

Help your kids learn measurement at their own pace in a world filled with rare dragons

Pizza Co. (Ages 5-12)

Train addition, subtraction & fraction skills all the way to fast paced mental math

Detective Agency (Ages 5+)

Help your child run their own detective agency while learning about geography games for kids.

Super Studio Disney Princess (Ages 5-11)

Encourage your kids to discover the creativity of drawing while connecting with Disney princesses and stories!

Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 (Ages 5-11)

Help your child draw and animate their very own Disney shows

Super Studio Mickey Mouse & Friends (Ages 5-11)

Enable your kids to draw with favorite Disney characters and join them on their adventures