Research-Backed Strategies That Help Boost Students’ Memory to Improve Learning

September 21, 2021 / Parent Resources

Teaching your students can be challenging if they don’t seem to retain what you teach them. With these research-backed strategies, you might be able to engage their memory processes.

Trigger background knowledge

Before you teach your students something new, awaken their previous knowledge with the help of word webs, charts, concept mapping, or videos.

Carry out a retrieval practice strategy

We can’t say we’ve learned something unless we can recall it. You could use certain retrieval practices in class that can improve your child’s memory; summarizing, making flashcards, and making bullet points are a few helpful practices.

Make learning creative and interactive

Kids don’t have a very long attention span. If they listen to you talk for more than 10 minutes, they’re likely to disengage. When you make kids learning creative and hands-on, you instantly spark a child’s creativity and improve their learning.

You could even use Osmo’s hands-on games for kids in your classroom to increase engagement.

Make connections between topics

According to research, interleaving helps people remember new information better. For example, when you teach your students about a historical event, you could connect it to another event that happened in the same time period.