Real Games for Kids That Teach Patience

April 2, 2021 / Parent Resources

Does your child find it difficult to take turns? Does your little one feel restless soon? All of us do struggle with being patient to some extent. These real games for kids can instill the quality of patience in your child right from a young age.

Pass the Parcel: Real Games for Kids

Real games for kids: Here’s a twist on a classic game! All you have to do is wrap a present in many layers and hand it over to the kids. Then, instead of merely passing the parcel around, ask them to take turns opening the layers. This will teach them patience in a super fun way! You could use tracks created by your kids in Coding Jam to serve as background music as you play this game.

Baking Fun: Teaching Children Patience

Real games teaching children patience: It is quite normal for kids to feel impatient and agitated. A great way to keep them patient and calm is through baking! Baking not only allows you to spend quality time with your child, but it also enables them to concentrate on the recipe, keep an eye on the measurements of various ingredients, and wait for the baked goods to cook through and cool down. Check out Osmo’s iPad learning game – Pizza Co. – a fun pizza game that also levels up your child’s math skills-real play games!

Grow a Plant: Teaching Kids Patience’s

Real games: Beyond teaching your child to be patient, growing a plant is a fun way to keep the senses engaged and enhance fine motor development. As your child scoops up the dirt, places the seeds in the pot, and pours the water, they also improve their strength and fine motor control. Your kids will feel a sense of accomplishment when they watch their hard work slowly bear fruit!

Color the plant and label its parts.

Work on a Puzzle: Patience with Kids

On the lookout for indoor fun real games to help kids learn patience? puzzles for kids can help! Get a big enough puzzle to keep your child entertained for a while. As they try and fit all the pieces where they belong, they develop patience and resilience. Don’t have puzzles at home? You can make one yourself! Check out Osmo’s Tangram – a fun learning real game that teaches kids to think with shapes!

Here’s a puzzle for your kids!

Get Creative: Patience with Kids

It could be tiring to keep kids engaged if you’re caught up with work. An easy way to teach your kids patience is through this storytelling game. For this real games activity, a child must begin a story with just one sentence. Then the next kid must continue the story with another sentence, and so on. 

Ask your kids to make the sentences short and funny to make the real games for kids more exciting!

The Silent Game: Real Games for Children

Silence is an extremely important aspect of being patient. In this simple activity, all you must do is keep a timer for as long as you want, and instruct your child to maintain silence. You could even ask them to take deep breaths and focus on their breathing. This is a great way to keep them calm, composed, and stress-free an real games for children.
We hope these real games for kids will instill in your child a sense of calmness and patience. Find the best educational games that transform the kids learning experience, on our website!