Fundamental Reading Fluency through Fun Kid Games and Activities

September 26, 2019 / Parent Resources

Reading is an essential skill that enables children to learn more effectively (Fun Kid Games and Activities). As parents, you can encourage a love of reading early on by setting aside time exclusively for reading.  

You can also help them pick up the habit of reading as part of reading games for kids. Reading fluency then becomes a matter of practice over a period of time. It is better to start your children off with reading early on since reading fluency is a function of practice and time. Here are some fun ways to get children reading for pleasure early on as children:

Educational Learning Games for Reading 

You can enhance children’s reading fluency by using developmentally appropriate and fun learning games for kids focused on letter recognition, phonics and reading. When used in conjunction with the other reading techniques, it can help children read faster and better while having fun. Educational iPad games are particularly great to help children learn as they excel at using digital media to enhance learner engagement.

Osmo learning systems are an excellent option for parents looking to teach children to read. Children get to use physical game pieces and experience hands-on play while digital media on-screen is used to enhance gameplay. 

Osmo Little Genius ABC’s game in Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit has children fill up Mo the Monster’s picture book with letters and images. Mo spells out each letter and word while prompting children to repeat the same and bringing words and objects to life on-screen. Children will learn new vocabulary words and will also be better prepared to read advanced difficult words as they come along. 

Osmo Genius Words game in Osmo Genius Starter Kit has children guessing the letters that represent interesting images. Children can also play against an animated character or each other for more exciting gameplay. You can encourage your children to build their vocabulary using this educational learning game. 

Ear Reading/Audiobooks

When you use an audiobook to read or any text-to-speech software to read a book, it is known as ear-reading. Audiobooks utilize the auditory modality of learning which means you mainly use your sense of hearing to learn. Children will be able to learn how words are pronounced while listening to an audiobook, especially if they have a hard copy of the same book while listening.

Choral Reading

Choral reading involves asking children to read aloud with their peers simultaneously. Since children read with one or more of their peers, making them less self-conscious about their reading, it might increase interest in reading. Children can build up confidence to read on their own with progressive sessions of choral reading. This is bound to increase their reading fluency.

Choice of books for reading

A simple way to ensure children develop a genuine interest in reading is by offering them a choice of books which they might like and learn from. If your children have a special interest in magical creatures and unicorns, the Harry Potter series might be a good pick. Children who like happy endings can be introduced to classic fairy tales like “Cinderella” and “The Ugly Duckling”

The right blend of reading techniques and strategies would go a long way in introducing children to the joys of reading. You can use the methods mentioned above to enhance your children’s reading skills and personalizing them to suit your children’s learning needs. Once children begin to read fluently, they will be better equipped to pick up other developmental skills through reading.