4 Best Learning Preschoolers Toys

March 19, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

How do preschoolers learn outside the classroom? Learning games for kids, the most effectively through interaction and play. Osmo offers the preschoolers toys that provide a hands-on learning experience for your children.

Recognize Letters With Ease: Preschoolers Toys

If you take a look at Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit, you will find ABCs – a perfect example of fun age 3 learning games. In this preschool toys and games, your kid will learn how to recognize letters and learn new words. As Mo the friendly Monster guides your kid and encourages them to form letters with colorful sticks and rings, by these fun phonics games for kids they gain a better understanding too.

Create a Fish or a Robot: Preschool Learning Toys

Creativity comes easily to young minds. Osmo’s top preschool toys can help hone this creativity and turn kids into artists. The Squiggle Magic preschool learning toys enables kids to create anything they want – a fish, robot, etc – using squishy sticks and rings. Watch your little one think on their feet and improve cognitive skills as these creations come alive on-screen! 

Make Party Outfits: Best Preschool Learning Toys

Best preschool learning toys for children are those that move beyond the textbook and focus on fostering emotional intelligence. Costume Party helps develop your kids emotional intelligence as they dress up on-screen characters and make them ready for an awesome party! They watch these characters react and understand whether the outfit makes them happy or not. 

Bring Stories to Life: Preschool Toys and Games

Narrating stories to kids can be super fun, but what if they could be part of a story and navigate adventures? Stories is one such preschool toys and games that allows your child to overcome obstacles and be the hero of a fun story! If you’re looking for preschool games, choose Stories – a hands-on learning game that improves critical thinking skills and creativity.
These pre k toys are Hands-on learning, play, and communication can all make learning fun for your little one. Osmo offers the best preschool toys and games for young children that promote and encourage all of these in order to give kids a wholesome experience.