Preschool Learning Tools: 4 Types of Puppets to Make With Your Kids

April 5, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Beyond encouraging creativity, puppet play also helps your child reach educational milestones! Read on to learn how puppets can be great preschool learning tools.

Sock Puppets an Preschool Learning:

Play and learn preschool: Choose an old, long sock that covers the length of your child’s arm. Next, cut out holes in the sock for the eyes and the tongue. You could glue or stitch googly eyes or simply draw a pair of eyes on paper and cut them out and paste them on the sock. Take a pen and color the area around the mouth with a red pen. You could also use yarn as hair for your sock puppet. Finally, put your hands inside the sock and wiggle your fingers to bring your puppet to life.

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Image by RobMattingley

Paper-Bag Puppets an Educational Tools for Preschoolers:

Imagine the character you’d like to create with your paper bag an preschool learning. If your little one likes rabbits, you can use colored paper to cut out a bunny’s ears, eyes, nose, whiskers, and mouth! You can also cut out arms and stick them on the side of the paper bag. For the finishing touch, cut out a cute fluffy tail for your paper-bag rabbit an play and learn preschool!

Image by RobMattingley

Paper Plate Clown Puppet an Kids Preschool Learning:

Start with a paper plate and 10 cotton balls an kids learning. Glue five cotton balls on each side of the plate for the clown’s hair. Next, take a wooden stick and glue it to the back of your paper plate. Draw a bow tie, cut it out, and stick it on the wooden stick to make your clown look dapper. Play and learn preschool: You can cut out a mouth, nose and eyes to glue on using colored paper. Finally, attach a hat on top of the plate for the finishing touch.

Image by Maglara

Wooden Spoon Ladybug Puppet which is an Preschool Learning Tools:

For this simple play and learn preschool activity, you’ll need red and green paint, a black marker, and wooden spoons. Paint the spoon bowl red and the handle green. The green handle makes it look like your ladybug is sitting on a plant. Next, draw a line through the middle of the red oval to mark the wings. You can also draw as many spots as you want on your ladybug. Finally, draw a curve on the end of the spoon for the head and color it in an preschool learning tools!

Image by Easy Peasy and Fun

Besides being valuable preschool learning tools, puppets an play and learn preschool could be a great way to educate your kids about recycling as well!

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