Osmo Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

November 25, 2020 / DIY & Printable

Keep kids entertained for hours with our free Thanksgiving coloring pages! Your child will get to color lovable Awbie, Mo, and many more Osmo friends. 

Once your kids have finished thanksgiving coloring, you could have the colored pages framed for everyone to see. 

Don’t want to frame them? You could try these Thanksgiving Activity Pages –  

1. Turn Your Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Into Wrapping Paper

You could certainly frame your pages, but if you’ve got too many pictures, wouldn’t it be nice to find creative ways to repurpose these pages? Just wrap a gift in these printable thanksgiving coloring pages after you’ve finished coloring them.

2. Make Bookmarks with these Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets:

Thanksgiving coloring sheets: Cut out your pages and laminate them, and voilà! Your bookmark is ready. If you’re not an avid reader, you’d still need a bookmark for your study material – to keep track of your progress!

3. Make a Gift Bag: Thanksgiving Activity Pages

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a gift bag – it could be a simple bag you use to store your paperclips, rubber bands, etc. Thanksgiving activity pages like these are a great way to teach your kids about recycling too!

4. Make a Fortune Cookie: Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

You could refer to the messages you’ve written in your printable thank you notes and use the same for your fortune cookie! It’s easy to make – first trace circles onto your coloring pages and cut them out. Next, fold your circles in half and put your note (your paper fortune) inside it. Make sure to use glue to shut it tight! To get the shape of the fortune cookie, gently press the middle of the cookie inward.

5. Create a Journal Set: Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving coloring pages: Wrap your notebook and pencils with your coloring paper to make a journal set. It could also serve as a wonderful personalized gift for kids.

We hope your little one enjoys these printable thanksgiving coloring pages. Make sure to check out our other printable activities – printable thank you cards and thanksgiving crossword puzzle!