Move aside Diagrams! Osmo Tangram is here to help your kid learn

September 5, 2019 / Parent Resources

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This especially applies to children who are visual learners, and respond to images from a very young age. This is why shape charts (charts with diagrams of geometric shapes) are used to teach children the different types of shapes. Tangram is also known as a timeless game to help children learn shapes. These fun educational games for kids combines visual learning with hands-on play to enhance the learning experience for children. 

Tangram originated in China centuries ago and was brought to the West in the early 19th century. It includes seven flat tiles with one parallelogram, one square and five triangles of varying sizes. You need to put together the tiles to represent various forms and shapes. Other educational games such as jigsaw puzzles can only be put together one particular way. Tangram puzzles for kids, however, can be arranged in any number of ways. You can build animals, people or objects using Tangram puzzles, which encourages creativity along with reasoning skills.

Benefits of Spatial Learning

Children can learn concepts of symmetry, congruence and similarity from spatial learning. These essential concepts are the foundations of geometry. While geometry is a part of mathematics, it is usually considered tough and therefore children tend to avoid it. With Tangram your children can learn aspects of geometry while having fun and building a positive association with math. Parents can encourage creative thinking and problem solving by letting children play with Tangram. 

Osmo Tangram – How it Enhances Learning

Tangram with physical game pieces is an interesting concept to start with. Osmo Genius Tangram game takes it a step further by adding an online element while using offline game pieces for retaining the amazing power of hands-on play. Osmo Genius Tangram game is highly interactive with audio-visual feedback on-screen. Every time children complete a visual-spatial puzzle, the game’s audio-visual prompts motivate children to progress in the game, along with helpful hints. Around 500 fun Tangram puzzle shapes can be created with Osmo Genius Tangram and is available in Osmo Genius Starter Kit and Osmo Explorer Starter Kit. 

Educational games for kids need to stay current in the digital age. Osmo Tangram ensures the benefits of traditional puzzles are retained while updating them to be technologically relevant and fun.