Ambassador of the Week: Alesha Reed

September 24, 2018 / Company News

Ambassador Aleesha hasn’t been an official part of our community for that long, but she has definitely done her part to spread the word about Osmo! Since day one, Aleesha has gone over and above showing her educator community the wonders of Osmo. She’s even been accepted to present at the Future of Education Technology next year! We truly couldn’t be more proud. Thank you Aleesha for all your hard work! Keep it up!


Mrs. Reed, in her own words:

“When I started my position, I saw the Osmos in the library and had no idea what they were. Once I was shown the awesome activities and programs that were available on Osmo, I immediately fell in love!  I just loved all the fun and amazing activities available, and how students don’t even realize that they are learning as they play. I was so excited about the many great learning opportunities with Osmo that I added an Osmo station in our Makerspace. It soon became the most visited part of our library!!   We have several students in our school with behavior plans, and many chose to come to Makerspace and play Osmo when they make their behavior goal! I wish I would have known about Osmo sooner and could have used it in my classroom when I was a 3rd grade teacher. That is why I wanted to become an Osmo Ambassador. I want to share with teachers how amazing Osmo is and how it can be used in their classrooms!”

What the Osmonauts in Mrs. Reed’s class are saying:

“Osmo helps you learn words and letters.” – Draven, 2nd Grade student

“My favorite Osmo app is Newton.  It helps me with my angles and is like a puzzle.” -Michael, 2nd Grade student

“I love playing Masterpiece on Osmo.  I want to be an artist when I grow up, and this helps me be better at drawing.” – William, 5th Grade student

Connect with Mrs. Reed: @MrsReedPHE ?