Research Says Pandemic Learning Loss is Heavier in Math

April 20, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

According to a test conducted by NWEA researchers, the pandemic has seemed to have taken a massive toll on children’s overall academic performance, more so in math.

The results indicated that the kids who were transitioning from elementary to middle school were struggling the most. In fact, more than one-third of students who performed well earlier had seemed to have fallen by one quintile in math. A lot of students had lost ground in reading as well, but not as much as they did in math.

Schooling During Pandemic: How to Make it Easier for Kids

Here are a few ways you could make learning easier for your children during the pandemic:

Plan a Routine

Set up a routine with your child, where you not only factor in online learning education but also factor in some active playtime as well. Establishing a fixed routine might make your child feel bored after some time, so you could even switch things up a bit. You could even encourage your kids to help you out with your chores. This would develop their gross motor skills while keeping them distracted from the pandemic blues.

Openly Communicate

After their online classes, make sure to have an open conversation with your child. Ask them what they’ve learned from their classes and if they need help with anything. Apart from just their academics, you could ask them if there’s anything that’s bothering them. If they don’t feel comfortable talking about it, you could encourage them to express themselves in many other ways. For example, they could journal their feelings, and even draw.

Take Time

During the pandemic, kids often feel like they’re all over the place. And so do we. It’s hard to stay focused on their online learning material too. In times like these, it’s best to give your kids as much time and space as possible, so they can process everything at their own pace. If they’re taking longer than usual to understand a math problem, for example, try and be as patient with them as possible.

Keep in Touch with Your Child’s Education Facility

Your kids might sulk if you constantly question them about their progress in school. It is only natural for them to do so during the pandemic. If you feel like you’re not able to get your child to open up, you could make it a point to stay in touch with your child’s teachers. Maybe they could loop you in on their progress and keep you informed.

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