7 Fun Memory Games for Kids To Help Improve their Concentration and Thinking Skills

April 8, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Does your little one have trouble focusing on a given task? It could be due to a short attention span. Here are some memory games that can improve your child’s concentration and memory.

1.Memory Experiment: Memory Games for Kids

Give your child a piece of paper and a pencil. Then, read out a list of 10 nouns slowly and carefully. Give your child a few minutes to process every word, and then make them write down as many words as they can remember! Beyond honing your child’s memory and attention span, this memory games for kids will also improve their writing skills. If your child loves to draw rather than write, they could just draw the words they remember. This would improve their artistic skills and ability to express themselves. For more drawing games for kids, check out our website!

Refer to this list of nouns for the Memory Experiment game:

2.Spot the Difference: Indoor Games to Play with Kids

Ask your little one to close their eyes. Once they do, rearrange something about yourself – for example, you could do something different with your hair, or put on your glasses. Then, ask your child to open their eyes and figure out what’s different about you! You could even rearrange some items in the room and then ask them to spot the difference. Make this game challenging by setting a time limit!

If your little one isn’t in the mood to play a memory games, they can just spend some time spotting differences on paper (there are 5!):

3.Magic Cups-Memory Games for Kids:

Here is another memory games for kids that improves your child’s ability to pay attention to detail. For this classic game, you will need to invert some cups and place them in a line. Then, put an object or a coin under one of the cups, with your child watching you. Move the cups around for a while and then eventually stop. Your child will need to figure out which cup the coin is under!

4.Rhyming Game-Fun Inside Games:

This fun inside games is best enjoyed by groups of 4-5. However, you could play this memory game one-on-one with your child as well. (Or, play virtually with friends!) For this fun inside games, your child needs to say a sentence. It could be anything – for example, “I fed the dog.” The next person will then have to say another sentence followed by a word that rhymes with the last word, such as “I fed the dog log” (It doesn’t have to make sense!) This inside games to play improves your child’s memory while keeping them alert at all times.

5.Sound Chain-Games to Play with Kids Inside:

This fun-filled memory game begins with a player starting a pattern of claps or finger snaps. The next player must carry out the same pattern and then add a pattern of their own. You can also use props for this game – by thumping on a table, opening and closing the drawer, etc! Make this memory game more challenging by playing some light music in the background. This could confuse your child, but make them pay better attention to patterns carried out by each player.

6.Flashcard Memorization-Memory Games:

First, select a flashcard and hold it up for your kids to see. Give them some time to memorize what’s on the card. Then, hide the card and ask them to tell you (or write down) what they recall from the image. This memory game will definitely improve your child’s focus and attention levels!

Here’s a picture you could use for this game (they could color it after the activity!):

7.Storytelling-Memory Games for Kids:

Ask a child to start a story with a single word. The next child will then need to say another word to continue the story. The story needs to make as much sense as possible! This memory games for kids can improve your child’s vocabulary. Ensure to instruct your kids to form short sentences to make it easier to build a story. You could refer to Osmo’s iPad learning game, Stories, to build a context for your story.
We hope you try these indoor games to play with kids and enjoy with them! For plugged-in games, make sure to check the rest of our website! We offer pizza games, coding games for kids, and so many more fun iPad games your little genius will love.