Keeping Math Engaging in Your Classroom by Bria Koch

November 15, 2021 / Educator Resources

Making math fun and interesting can be challenging, especially as students get older. Teachers are always looking for ways to keep their students engaged and practicing important concepts. Osmo Pizza Co. is one of the most exciting resources for older elementary students to increase their engagement in mathematics. So many topics are explored, and because it is done in such a fun way, students don’t even realize that they are learning!

As an overview, Osmo Pizza Co. allows students to run their own pizza shop. They work to fulfill customer orders, make change, and use profits to improve their shops. While money management is probably one of the first concepts that comes to mind, students also improve their mental math and computational processes, identify social cues, and learn important entrepreneurial skills. As students become more comfortable and proficient with their pizza-making and money management skills, Osmo Pizza Co. adjusts to their skill levels to continue to challenge them.

Finding ways to tap into all learning styles is essential, especially when teaching a subject like math. Though students may use manipulatives in the classroom, Osmo Pizza Co. takes this to the next level. The manipulatives become interactive as students work directly with the characters in the games to provide an enjoyable dining experience.

Because so many skills are targeted and incorporated, this is a great tool to use for independent practice or during centers in the classroom. Students can easily sit down at an Osmo and pick up where they left off as their progress is saved. Additionally, this tool is particularly useful because it allows students to put what they’ve been learning into practice. While students may be able to show their work on a worksheet, their level of understanding mathematical processes is truly tested when they’re having an authentic learning experience in Osmo Pizza Co.

In addition to Osmo Pizza Co., Osmo offers other tools to support math curriculum. The Osmo Math Wizard series is perfect for 1st and 2nd grade and they just launched the newest addition to the series: Osmo Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck. If it’s anything like the others, I know it’ll be a perfect way to incorporate math practice in a way that makes students feel like they’re playing rather than doing work. Win-win!

Written by Technology Facilitator Bria Koch