How iPads can serve as great preschool toys

July 2, 2019 / Learn About Osmo

Preschoolers learn best through their senses. As they manipulate objects around them, they develop an understanding of the world around them too. It is because of this that toys and games are often the best educational tools for kids.

Integrating toys into a child’s learning routine at preschool can help them understand core subjects better. Osmo’s digital-physical iPad games work as wonderful preschool toys because they enable children to learn through hands-on play!

Why iPads Are the Best Preschool Toys

One thing that has consistently progressed with time is technology. Landline telephones have been replaced by cell phones, and postal mails have been replaced by email, and so on. The same applies to education as well – many schools have started to adopt educational technology and iPads into their classrooms. Here’s why they are the best preschool toys:

1.iPad Educational Games Introduce Kids to Technology

While computer keyboards are not designed for the tiny hands of a preschooler, a tablet’s touch interface is perfect to introduce a child to present day technology. Beyond helping kids learn important subjects like math and science, iPad games also let them take pictures of their work for fun. 

2.Digital Children Games Bridge the Online and Offline Worlds

With many iPad-compatible games in the market, the Osmo Genius Starter Kit is specially designed to include physical activity with an online interface. The educational games in the kit bridge the online and offline worlds by enabling kids to use tangible game pieces while learning core skills.

For example, Osmo Genius Numbers game uses tiles printed with dots and numbers. The challenge is to use the right combination of tiles to match a number displayed on the iPad screen. Additionally, Osmo Genius Masterpiece game involves turning any object into a virtual outline for children to trace on papers – this helps the child develop fine motor skills and supercharge their drawing skills. These games help kids build their creative problem-solving skills too.

3. iPad Pre-K Games Enable Independent Learning

Another reason why iPads serve as the best preschool toys is that they encourage kids to learn on their own. Minimal supervision is often required as kids learn spontaneously through play.

Osmo pre-k games like Costume Party and Squiggle Magic develop your child’s social-emotional skills, creativity, and early literacy skills through independent learning without them even realizing it!

iPads as Preschool Toys: the Main Takeaway

The integration of technology into preschool classrooms has become more popular, and if used correctly, tablets can function as indispensable learning tools and can prove to be the best preschool toys

As long as they focus on helping children learn, tablets are a great way to pave the way for a tech-infused classroom. Shop Osmo’s preschool toys and educational games now! The Little Genius Starter Kit includes ABC games, and other educational children games for kids that provide everything your little one needs to learn through play.