The Best Interactive Activities for Preschoolers

March 19, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

In order to promote early childhood developmental educational toys for 3 year olds, it is important for kids to be as interactive as possible. These activities for preschoolers can encourage kids to communicate with others and come out of their comfort zones:

Activities for Preschoolers-Play With An Imaginary Friend

Kids are generally extremely imaginative in nature. A great way to build interpersonal skills is by playing with an imaginary friend. Interacting with an imaginary person can help build social skills, a sense of control and confidence, and can make your child feel less inhibited to talk to real people.

Osmo’s abc learning games for kids is a pre k activities game that enables your child to interact with Mo, a friendly monster, who trains your little one to recognize letters and learn new words. Mo is like an imaginary friend who isn’t physically present but accompanies you on your journey to explore fun ways of learning. If you’re on the lookout for interactive activities for preschoolers and indoor game ideas for your little one, look no further than ABCs.

Interactive Storytelling Made Fun-Fun Activities for Preschoolers

Storytelling is an awesome way to build interpersonal skills at a young age. When kids listen to a story, it piques their curiosity and expands their vocabulary. Enhanced by technology, interactive storytelling enables your little one to interact with virtual characters and overcome obstacles faced by them. As your child gets drawn to this realm, they become a part of the story.

A game from Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit, Stories, allows kids to solve problems faced by on-screen characters in fun ways. They then get instant feedback from Mo who’s always willing to help! Your little one will be able to set a story in motion and navigate adventures in this game. Remember, the fun activities for preschoolers are those that engage the mind and encourage creativity.

A Drawing Activity With Friends-Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Kids become increasingly creative when they learn to draw. Once kids become more creative, they express themselves better, make decisions quicker, and thereby hone their interpersonal skills. The fun drawing games for kids, friends and family can make young artists think on their feet and think of innovative ways to draw.

Osmo’s Squiggle Magic game encourages kids to draw anything they want using squishy sticks and rings to match images on the screen. If you want to put a spin on this interactive activities for preschoolers, you can ask your little one to draw something different using Osmo game pieces and compete with their friends! This could foster good sportsmanship and make them interact with their peers.

Dress-Up Games for Kids-Pre K Activities

Ever thought dress-up play could improve your kid’s interpersonal skills? It definitely can! When kids dress up, they take on different roles and engage in dramatic roleplay. Dramatic play can make kids more verbally competent while they use new words they might have heard in stories. It also encourages cooperation and turn-taking when playing with peers.

Virtual dress-up fun activities for preschoolers could be equally exciting for your little one. Costume Party is a activities for preschoolers from Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit that allows your child to dress up animated characters and identify facial expressions related to color and emotions. Your search for fun activities for preschoolers 3-year olds can now end with us.

Improve interpersonal skills and keep your child’s mind at bay with these fun-filled interactive activities! Check out our website to learn more about Osmo’s best stem activities for preschoolers and indoor activities for preschoolers that your little genius will love.