Independent Games and Activities That Encourage Young Children

April 10, 2021 / Company News

As your little ones grow older, they might frequently say “I’ll do it!”. They love the idea of doing something on their own. These independent games and activities for young children encourage this independence.

Picking out Clothes: Independent Games for Kids

Do you pick out clothes for your little one? This time, try making them do it! This is a great activity to do at night, right before bedtime an independent activities. They might get fussy the first time, but once they’ve got the hang of it, they’ll love it. You could even set a time limit and reward them for having completed it on time best independent games!

Preparing Breakfast (once in a while): Independent Activities

Independent activities: Maybe on a Sunday morning, your child could prepare a simple breakfast. It could be pancakes, omelets, or even a simple fruit bowl. If your child is too young to handle utensils on their own, they could help you with simple tasks – like pouring milk or spreading butter on toast. This independent activities for preschoolers could be followed by setting the table and cleaning it after a meal.

Cleaning the Room: Independent Activities for Kids

It is always a good idea to get your kids started early with chores. You could encourage them to make their bed, put away laundry, or dust the room. Beyond making kids more independent, this independent activities for kids can also make them more physically active. Other chores can include cleaning their toys before watching TV and putting away dishes in the sink.

Limited Options: Independent Games

It could be a good idea to introduce choices with limited options. Instead of asking your child what he wants for dinner, you could ask “what do you prefer – pizza or pasta?” Providing limited options will make your little one more decisive and independent. Your child will also feel more responsible when they have the freedom to express themselves an independent games for kids.

Taking Care of Others: Best Independent Games

When kids learn to care for others, they take on responsibility. You could instruct your child to look after a sibling or a pet. You could even ask them to take care of the house for an hour when you go out for a stroll. Simple best independent games like these can make kids feel independent. In Osmo’s iPad online learning games for kids – Pizza Co. – your child learns to care for their pizza shop and customers’ needs.

Easy-to-Make Puzzles: Independent Activities for Preschoolers

For this fun independent activities for preschoolers, all you need is some construction paper and a few toys. Trace the shape of these toys (car, block, etc) on construction paper and cut it out. Your child will need to match each toy with its outline. When your child finishes this puzzle on their own an independent games, they will feel accomplished and independent!

Forget Perfection: Independent Games for Kids

Lastly, teach your little ones to accept failure. For example, if he/she spills milk on the floor, teach them to clean it up instead of getting upset an independent activities. Positive follow-ups and praise after they’ve completed a task can also help them feel motivated an independent activities for kids at home. All of Osmo’s educational iPad games include positive feedback to motivate your little ones to keep learning.

When kids forget perfection, they give more importance to the effort than the result. This in turn instills in them a sense of accountability and independence!
We hope these games for young children will help your child discover their independence. We also offer fun, tech-driven independent fun activities for preschoolers children that spark kids’ imagination and creativity!