How You Can Make Preschool Learning More Effective

June 16, 2021 / Parent Resources

It’s not easy to get your little one to focus on a single task at hand. It could get even more difficult to actually get them to learn core skills. To help you out, we’ve got some activities that might enhance your kids learning experience.

Reading Activities

Developing a reading habit in your preschooler can be easy with the following activities:

  1. Make character puppets using socks or brown paper bags. This will make the whole learning experience more visual and fun!
  2. Practice story-telling with your child. You could either narrate an actual story from your childhood, or simply make one up! A great way to get your child interested in these stories is to use the names of their friends in them. This adds a more personal touch.
  3. Roll out cookie dough in the shape of letters. This is a great way to fine tune your child’s gross motor and sensory skills too!
  4. Try to make rhyming words whenever possible. A sing-song fashion of preschool learning is the best way of learning!

Writing Activities

  1. Write your child’s name in a creative manner. When you use your child’s name while learning, they instantly feel more engaged. You could practice writing on a steamy window, or even use sidewalk chalk and paints.
  2. Make arts & crafts! When your kids use their hands to cut paper, glue stuff, and paint, it improves their hand strength, which also improves their writing skills.

Math Activities

These math activities could serve as awesome pre-k learning tools.

  1. Try to incorporate counting into your child’s daily routine. You could count as they climb steps and as they jump, and even count random objects you see in the store!
  2. Make shapes and patterns whenever you can with the help of straws, blocks, and sticks.
  3. Play fun sorting games where your child needs to sort objects by different shapes and colors. Whoever manages to do it the quickest wins!
  4. Practice food math! Count the number of toppings on your pizza, and even make various shapes using food items like sandwiches and veggies.

Science Activities

  1. Simply going on a walk is a great way to learn science. Have your kids observe various plants, insects, and the nature around them.
  2. Teach your child hot and cold properties while cooking; how things melt depending on temperature, how evaporation happens, and so on.
  3. Ask your child to grow their own plant! They’ll get to choose seeds and soil of their preference and watch their plants grow.

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