How Osmo helps one busy mom get her ‘mama time’ in

April 19, 2022 / Learn About Osmo

Amber Rater learned a long time ago that as a mom, working out wasn’t going to be easy when her son was at home. 

But, when they were gifted Osmo from a family member, she was relieved to finally get some time to exercise – while watching her son learn at the same time. Here Amber, a professional photographer, shares how she uses Osmo to help her son learn and get some time to keep herself healthy. 


“We were gifted our Osmo from a family member who is a teacher,” Amber told us in an email. “She knows how much my son loves to learn and how much I don’t like him just playing nonsense on a tablet.” 

Luckily, her son has a lot of fun with Osmo’s Stories and Counting Town. “The stories are just tricky enough to keep him guessing,” she said. “He gets bored pretty easily but between fun problem solving and the physical game pieces, he stays pretty entertained.”

Courtesy of @themooserocket on Instagram


“I learned a long time ago that my workouts aren’t going to be blocked out times of focused exercise anymore,” Amber said. “It’s half a mile, then hop off and wipe a butt, another quarter of a mile and then hop off and help him find the game piece with a tool to clean the lamp, and so on.”

And when she does take a break from her workout, she’s quickly greeted with a new build on Counting Town. 

“I could wait until he sleeps but I don’t really mind anymore,” she said. “I love teaching him to be considerate and a bit more independent with his play so Mom can stay healthy. And the best part is that I don’t have to feel guilty because with Osmo I know he’s learning AND having fun.”

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