Helping Kids Break Out of the Pandemic Bubble

June 29, 2021 / Parent Resources

Now that things are slowly improving and regular classes have resumed, it might be hard for your child to transition back to interacting with others. According to clinicians and researchers, a lot of children don’t want to deal with people and want to avoid socializing altogether.

We understand that your child might be feeling anxious about navigating the path back to pre-pandemic interaction. Here are some ways you can help them.

Take small steps towards regular interactions

The thought of meeting a group of friends might be overwhelming to your child. How about suggesting an outdoor meeting with just one friend? One-on-one interactions could make your child feel more comfortable.

Have open conversations about mental health

Ask your child to truly express how they feel about things returning to normal. Let them know that they can speak with you about their fears and anxieties. Most students may have anxiety related to school, so you could address that too. Sometimes, all they really need is an empathetic ear.

You, as a parent, are a role model for your child. Chances are, they think you don’t feel as anxious as them. When they realize that you too feel the same way as they do, they might feel more comfortable opening up to you.

Create routines that resemble pre-pandemic life

If your child’s sleep patterns have changed, now’s the time to address that. Try to create new routines that incorporate regular sleep routines, better hygiene, and regular meals to help them become resistant to active, post-pandemic life.

We hope these tips will help reduce anxiety in school students. For interactive educational activities, check the rest of our Osmo website.