5 iPad Drawing Games for Kids that will Teach them More than Drawing

March 26, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

It is no secret that the best way for kids to practice their drawing games and creative skills is through colors and iPad drawing! But making a fun educational game out of it can help kids get in touch with more than just their creative side. These fun to draw games can blend learning and develop a ton of other skills in kids such as social and problem-solving skills. Luckily, among the most nurturing drawing games online are the simplest. These kids education games can be a lifesaver whether you need to keep kids busy on the weekend, connect with them, or simply keep them from slumping on the sofa and watching TV or playing video games. You will need some drawing supplies, of course! Or you can simply fire up the Osmo Masterpiece and let kids draw to their heart’s content! It combines cool technology with real-world tools – some vibrant dry erase markers and a creative board that can be used over and again.  Here are some fun drawing games for kids, old-fashioned games that you can play with your kids.

Scribbles and squiggles-Drawing Games for Children:

To play this fun educational game, parents start by making a random scribble as a prompt on the board.  Your little artist can then take over and figure out what the scribble looks like to him and finish the drawing using his imagination. Encourage kids to be verbal about how they are interpreting and don’t restrict them from re-orienting the board. This drawing games online is perfect to open kids up to unusual interpretations and encourage them to see the world in a whole new way.

Drawing Improv-Fun to Draw:

Brace yourself with fun to draw game of giggles! This one is perfect for siblings or a group of kids to bond over. Kids take turns to finish a drawing. Say one starts with drawing some ears, another adds a face, the next in line adds some tentacles.  What makes this game a whole lot of fun is that no one knows what will come out of it. Kids have to keep evolving the drawing till you say stop. It is the perfect non-competitive, cooperative game that will support connections and develop creative problem solving for kids to engage in improv.

Simon Says Draw-Drawing Games Online

A fun twist to ‘Simon Says’, in this art-based ipad drawing version, parents give kids cues like “Simon says draw a bee” or “Simon says draw the sky”. The catch here is that kids don’t draw anything when you don’t use the code word “Simon says”. This is great way to hone kids’ listening skills and their attention to detail as they draw things from memory. Give kids cues based on their age and level of drawing skill.

Pictionary-Drawing Games

Drawing Games for Children: Get ready for some rollicking fun with a game of Pictionary. Each team has two players, ideally one kid and one parent. If you don’t have the board game, simply grab a timer and create your own stack of cards with clues like Pumpkin, Giraffe, Sun, Starfish, Lollipop, etc. Each team draws from the stack on their turn and one teammate acts or draws out the word whilst the other guesses. The team that finishes first earns a point. Allow kids to take turns doing both. Since kids tend to imitate parents, there is a huge chance they will pick up quite a few things about communication and teamwork from you.

Fun to Draw something…

This active learning game is a little more complex, albeit equally fun where parents complete the above phrase with a drawing cue without giving away too much. For instance, kids can be asked to ‘Draw something’

  • with a tail
  • that starts with the letter b
  • that looks fluffy

You will encourage your kids to think strategically and sometimes even outside the box. Engaging kids in these interactive games for kids on a consistent basis is among the best ways to build all these skills. You can play them on the fly and make drawing fresh and exciting for kids!