8 Fun Games for Kids to Celebrate National Grammar Day

February 24, 2021 / Parent Resources

It’s National Grammar Day! (March 4) To help you celebrate this day with your little ones, we’ve put together a few fun games for kids that test your child’s grammar in the most fun ways possible.

What’s the Synonym?

This is a fun-filled game to expand your child’s vocabulary. All you have to do is make a random statement, such as “I’m happy”, and then ask your child to find the synonym for the word “happy”. Keep taking turns until you can’t think of other synonyms!

An Osmo online learning games for kids that encourages literacy development in kids is the Words game. Beyond introducing your kids to new words, this game also sparks creativity and imagination.

Vocabulary Tester

Take a few index cards and write down various words on them. Next, describe the specific word and check if your child identifies it! For example, If you’re describing the word “sleepy”, you could say “I’m going to bed early because I’m ____ “ and have your kids guess the word. Whoever guesses correctly and runs up to the correct index card wins!

Homophone Challenge

Explain to your little one how there are several words that sound the same but are spelled differently. For example, whether and weather, plain and plane, boar and bore, etc. Test your child’s literary skills by using various homophones in a sentence and check if they can spell them correctly!

Odd One Out

Hoping to play a game with your child to further test their grammar? We’ve got what you need. For this game, jot down various words belonging to the same category, and then one word that doesn’t belong there. For example, if you jot down “short, tall, what, handsome”, the odd one out would be “what”, because it’s the only word that isn’t an adjective.

For a digital-physical literary game, check out Osmo’s Lettertopia!

Adverb Charades

Make a list of various adverbs on chits of paper and ask your kids to pick one. They need to describe the adverb to other players, just like charades! If they pick the word “quietly”, they could act like they’re tiptoeing around, or put their hand to their mouth and mouth the word “shhh”, etc.

Correct the Sentence

You could purposely spell a few words incorrectly, or not use punctuation in a few sentences and then ask them to correct/edit the sentence. Some examples of sentences could be:

  1. “What do you do for a living.”
  2. I has forgotten my wallet at home.
  3. What’s you’re name?
  4. That girl is tall slim shy and studious.
  5. He lacks a sense humor.

Simon Says

A fun game of Simon Says could help test your child’s grammar! First, assign different actions for different parts of speech. For example, if you call out a verb followed by “Simon Says”, your child needs to jump on the spot; if you call out an adjective, they need to clap their hands, etc. 

Matching Game

Teach your kids about the present and past tense with this creative fun games. To begin, write down the present and past tenses of various words on a few index cards. Make sure to keep them face-down on a surface. Your child needs to try and match the words accordingly! 

We hope you enjoy playing these fun games for kids on National Grammar Day! For more kids learning and educational games, check the rest of our website.