Feedback Can Be an Effective Learning Tool for Students

August 26, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Did you know that giving intentional feedback can greatly improve student achievement? Here’s how you can enhance your feedback style.

Learn the qualities of effective feedback

When feedback is individualized, timely, specific, and ongoing, students feel more involved in their learning.

  1. Individualized feedback: When you give one-on-one feedback, it allows you to better understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Timely feedback: Feedback that is given in the moment can help your child find the time to act on it and change their own learning according to the given feedback. 
  1. Specific feedback: The clearer you are with your feedback, the more likely your students are to feel motivated to improve.
  1. Ongoing feedback: Repeatedly giving feedback is a great way to ensure your students have mastered certain skills or content.

Improve the way you provide feedback

Here’s a structure you can follow when you give your students feedback.

  1. Compliment: Giving compliments is an important part of giving feedback. Let your students know that their efforts are appreciated.
  1. Research: Allow your students to explain how they solved a problem or came up with a certain idea.
  1. Teach: Give your students helpful tips to teach them how they can improve.

4. Link: Help your students establish a link between particular questions or topics. Then, go on to tell them how they can solve similar problems.