Educational Learning Games help Children Focus on the Learning Process

October 4, 2019 / Parent Resources

Parents do everything possible to ensure their children hit developmental milestones at the right ages. They help their children pick up essential skills ranging from cognitive skills to social-emotional skills through various activities. Sometimes, parents would focus more on the educational learning outcome – how much of the skills children have mastered. However, it is also important for parents to know the impact of the methods they use to help their children learn new skills. Focusing solely on learning outcome may distract children from the most essential aspect of learning, the learning process or method.

The Significance of Learning Process

When children are encouraged to pick up developmental skills, it is important to stress on how they go about learning concepts and ideas. The learning process might make all the difference. When children have access to efficient methods of learning, they are bound to achieve the learning outcome much easier and faster. As parents, you can reward your children with positive reinforcement when they use the right method to learn and apply a skill. Educational learning games for kids have built-in positive reinforcement which encourages children to continue learning by making the learning process fun and exciting.

For example, most children would find math to be challenging as it would require repetition, and application of rule-bound and abstract concepts. An effective way to teach children can be to start with simple arithmetic operations, such as addition and subtraction. When parents or teachers try to teach addition or subtraction to a child by counting random objects on a book, children might not see how the activity relates to them beyond learning how to count.  In a learning game, children would have to count the number of pancakes on a dinner table in order to advance in the game levels. The latter instance has an actual real-life scenario the child can relate to, and stay interested to count further (by playing).

Interactive Learning Games

With a fun learning game, you can get children engaged in the game play. This will redirect conscious effort toward getting across the game levels and practicing math in the process. Children will end up learning while having fun! 

Osmo learning systems tap into the power of hands-on learning through physical game pieces which provide essential hands-on play, while digital media and interactive on-screen feedback provides engagement.

Osmo Genius Numbers game in Osmo Genius Starter Kit is an excellent way to help children learn math skills. Children will have fun filling a water tank with colorful fish by solving math challenges. 

Parents can take it upon themselves to find optimal learning methods and processes best suited to their children. When they provide their children with effective learning processes to choose from, children stand higher chances of learning a broader range of concepts and skills. Parents can find the right educational learning game to let their children learn better with more efficient learning processes.