DIY Easter Presents for Kids

March 30, 2021 / DIY & Printable

Want to get creative and gift for kids something handmade this Easter? Here are a few suggestions for DIY Easter presents ideas that might help every bunny!

Easter Egg Carton: Easter Presents for kids

If you’ve got an empty egg carton at home, this could be one of the best Easter presents for kids. Paint the entire carton with craft paint and fill it with tiny treats your child might like! Maybe in each egg slot, you could add some cupcake liners with candy and jelly beans inside.

Egg Jar: Easter Presents

Looking for more Easter present ideas? We’ve got one for you. For this Easter egg jar, all you need is an empty jar, a ribbon, and a few plastic eggs. 

First, take your plastic eggs and fill them with cute notes for your loved one. Next, put all these plastic eggs inside your jar and shut it with a lid. You could even decorate the lid/jar with some spray paint! Don’t forget to tie the jar with a ribbon for the finishing touches.

Paper Carrots: Easter Present Ideas for Kids

If you want to get a little artsy, here’s a fun activity you could try! Take some orange scrapbook paper and print carrot templates onto this paper. Next, cut around the lines and punch holes in the top of the carrots to tie them shut with a ribbon. That’s all! You could place these carrots along with some candy and other Easter presents for kids in your basket.

Jelly Bean Pouches: Easter Present Ideas

Cut out rabbit shapes using various colors of scrapbook paper. Cut out a hole in the middle of the rabbit (to form a stomach/pouch!) Fill this hole with a white piece of paper, and then put some jelly beans onto this paper. Seal it with a sandwich bag and you’re done! You’ve now made a very cute jelly bean pouch.

We hope you enjoy making these creative Easter presents for your loved ones! To build your Easter basket with more goodies, shop Osmo’s sweetest collection of hands-on learning games for kids on math, coding, reading, and more.