Choosing Educational Games and Toys for your Kids

March 17, 2020 / Parent Resources

Parents will always want the best for their kids when it comes to education. Besides finding the right school for your kids, parents can also ensure their kids are learning at home as well by getting them the right educational toys for kids

Educational games and toys are the instruments of learning for kids and help with development. Kids’s language, cognitive and social-emotional skills can be significantly enhanced by choosing the right games. Zeroing in on your kids’ interests will help select appropriate educational games for them. 

Selecting the right educational game for your kid

To get games that your kids like and can benefit from, you can look into the kinds of play that your kids like. According to Jean Piaget, the swiss psychologist known for his work on child development, the type of play children engage in can be divided into four categories:

  • Functional play – this refers to the type of play where kids engage in physical activities for fun, like running and jumping.
  • Constructive play – this is where kids build things and create something new. You can see this when kids have fun messing around with LEGOs or when kids play with building blocks.
  • Symbolic/Fantasy/Pretend play – children like to pretend they are someone else. Either it is a fictional character like a monster or superhero, or it is a real-life character like  a firefighter or policeman. Games like Osmo Pizza Co. encourage detailed pretend play where kids get to run a pizzeria while picking up math skills.
  • Games with rules – these games could be board games, or just games such as red light, green light. Most educational games for kids fall under this category as well.

Here are some great games that help in child development:

  • Coding Games – hands-on coding games build computational and logical skills in children. Osmo Coding Awbie game has kids hunt for strawberries as the adorable character Awbie by using coding blocks. 
  • Drawing Games – drawing games for kids help build creativity and fine motor skills in them. Osmo Monster game brings kids’ drawings to life like magic! Mo the monster pulls in kids drawings from paper right on to the screen and uses it to do fun tasks. Kids can also draw to direct falling objects on to target zones on screen in the Newton game.

Getting your kids interactive educational games of their interest can go a long way in setting them up for career success. So, go on and get them their favorite educational game today!