Best Games for 3 Year Olds to Get Preschool-Ready

March 28, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

The best games for 3-year-olds keep kids moving while also engaging their minds. Osmo has several fun games that can help kids prepare for preschool through active learning! 

Build Letters That Come to Life with ABCs : Activities To Do with 3 year Olds

In the abc games for 3 year olds from Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit, your child builds letters using squishy sticks and rings, then watches the letters come to life. Mo the friendly monster is there to help the letter recognition games for preschoolers, the shapes and sounds of letters. ABCs also expand kids’ vocabulary. ABCs is one of Osmo’s many indoor games for kids that will get your child excited about learning.

Best Games for 3 year olds to Develop Pre-Drawing Skills with Squiggle Magic

The best games for 3 year olds foster creativity. Squiggle Magic lets kids explore their artistic side as they use sticks and rings to create bears, robots, and other shapes. As your child figures out how to create objects out of the sticks and rings, they improve their cognitive and critical thinking skills.

Games for Three Year Olds-Get Creative with Costume Party

Osmo’s Costume Party, another one of Osmo’s activities to do with 3 year olds, promotes hands-on, social-emotional learning through interaction with on-screen characters. While dressing up the characters with different costume pieces, kids develop fine motor skills, express their creativity and practice emotion recognition. 

Be the Hero with Stories-Activities To Do With 3 Year Olds

Your kid becomes the hero in Osmo’s Stories as they persevere through obstacles that come their way. This games for three year olds fosters problem solving activities for kids and creative thinking skills by encouraging kids to consider different solutions. This is one of Osmo’s kids educational games that really inspires innovative thinking.

Finding simple games for kids that get them preschool-ready doesn’t have to be difficult. Osmo offers the best games for 3-year-olds to start learning at home.