The Benefits of Art for Kids

February 20, 2020 / Parent Resources

Art activities for kids is a magical process where they can bring whatever they imagine to life. It is pure creativity in action and a fun process where kids immerse themselves entirely.

Here are a few ways that art helps children’s development:

1. Creativity: 

Art revolves around creativity and imaginative thinking. When kids express themselves through art, they are developing creative modes of self-expression. Such new ways to communicate with those around them will come in handy helping them learn better.

See how many colors you can fill in!

2. Fine Motor Skills

One of the most easily observable benefits of engaging in art for kids is fine motor skills through hands-on activities. For example, kids attempt to draw by scribbling, and then move on to writing. You can encourage your kid to draw and write by giving them art supplies and even drawing games for kids.

3. Language Development

When kids engage in creating art they will have a chance to find words for colors, shapes and patterns they are creating. When children draw using various colors they will learn to name the colors they are using, and the shapes they are drawing. As they get better at artful activities, they will even have the opportunity to describe their art work to parents or friends, and how it makes them feel.

Use the numbered color guide to make this a beautiful picture:

4. Decision Making

Research has shown that when children engage in art, they are bound to pick up critical thinking and problem solving skills. In this creation process, whether it is drawing or painting, they are continuously making decisions and choices required to complete their artwork. Such skills are applicable to other areas of life as well, making art essential for children’s development.

How to help children develop an interest in art

One of the simplest ways to promote an interest for art in children is to provide them with what they need to draw with – crayons and paper. Another effective method is to get them drawing games that let them unleash their creative side. 

Osmo kids learning systems include creative games which promote hands-on learning. Osmo Monster is a fun game for kids who love to draw. Kids can help Mo draw up a storm of imaginative objects, draw beautiful portraits of themselves with the Osmo Masterpiece game and even apply physics principles through drawing in the Osmo Newton game!. 

Osmo Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 game is a creative educational game that lets children be a part of the Frozen 2 movie and brings their drawings to life. Kids can sketch part of the Frozen 2 movie scenes and see them animated in real time!

With the right educational game and encouragement, you can ensure your children can tap into their creative potential and help them learn faster and better.