Focus Home Interactive Games-Activities for Kids

April 28, 2021 / Parent Resources

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world and elicits orders from governments to stay inside, we have been left to face an unprecedented situation of potentially being holed up for days, or possibly weeks. It can be easy to get caught up in the chaos as schools close and work gets shifted home, leading to: 

  • Boredom and lag in learning in kids
  • Lack of productivity for parents working from home as parenting becomes a 24/7 job. Adults are likely finding themselves scrambling between their work projects and making the most of their children’s time off from school

Moreover, it is easier for kids to feel low and anxious seeing as the situation is constantly changing. 

So what is a parent to do?

Creating order with schedules that constitute structured activities can provide comfort and continuity while also priming kids to get back to the normal school routine once things settle. The goal is to facilitate active kids learning and engagement in a variety of tasks while simultaneously allowing parents to thrive and fulfill their work responsibilities. Keeping kids independently occupied with creative games, art, and other activities around study and play, so it feels less like a drill and ensures that they stick through the activity, as they would in class, is essential. Parents can consider activities that stimulate learning by incorporating the senses through resources like audiobooks or any of these interactive games:

  • Build thinking skills through fun puzzles for kids an interactive home learning
  • Keep them active by engaging in play and activities such as hide-and-seek, tag, building a fort, etc.
  • Encourage quiet time by putting kids on a diet of children’s literature an focus interactive games
  • Refine skill sets by giving them ways to create art, code, animate, etc
  • Build language through activities based on phonics for kids

Using a range of media can help achieve and integrate all the activities seamlessly. At the same time it is essential to just let them be for some part of the day. After all, Children just need the time, space, and permission to be kids.”– Angela Hanscom.

Educational Games from Osmo

Focus home interactive games: Osmo learning systems have consistently been on top of the latest ways to facilitate actively engaged learning while enabling kids to remain indoors and fill their time fruitfully. A complete system in itself, it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to ensuring kids have a well-rounded development. Osmo Starter Kits cater to kids aged 3-12.  

Little Genius Starter Kit is the perfect educational game for kids. Constituting silicone-based sticks and ring and costume pieces, this kit is all they need to send them off on an adventure and engage in hands-on learning endlessly. From sparking their imagination to fine-tuning their creative and spatial skills and foster social-emotional learning, this kit is sure to make learning fun. 

Osmo Genius Starter Kit is packed with hours of enjoyment and includes tangram puzzles, freehand drawing, word games, and even brings up physics and math problems, allowing kids to toggle between the digital and physical world. 

Osmo Explorer Starter Kit for kids aged 5-12 includes all the children learning focus interactive games that are part of the Genius Starter Kit and more. It has real-world creative tools to help kids learn coding and also become artists in their own right. These educational iPad games include a base and work alongside a compatible device and a working internet connection. 

With a bit of flexibility and creativity, this time can certainly be made enriching for kids and ease the responsibilities of parents alike.