8 Tips to Make Online Learning More Engaging for Kids

April 12, 2021 / Parent Resources

The continued presence of COVID means many kids are still relying on online learning for their academics. However, this mode of learning might be making your child restless. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to make online learning more interactive and engaging for your kids!

Physical Activity before Online Learning:

Before your kids begin their online learning for the day, make sure they get in some exercise. It could be a simple balancing activity, a couple of jumping jacks, or writing with their non-dominant hand. This is a great way to keep the body and mind alert and active while virtual learning!

40-Minute Rule while Online Learning Education:

Ensure your child is seated for no more than 40 minutes at a time while learning. Sitting in the same spot for hours on end might exhaust your child and make them feel bored while online learning education. When you limit sitting time, you improve your child’s information retention capacity and engagement levels.

Personal Contact while Virtual Learning:

In school, kids have the opportunity to interact with their friends in between classes. It’s likely your child is missing this regular socialization. You can try to make up for that by engaging in conversation with your child during the school day so they feel connected to what they’re virtual learning. For example, you can ask them about what they’ve learned and offer to answer any questions they may have.

If you’re a teacher carrying out a virtual learning class, you could send your students regular emails to make the online learning educational experience more personal.

Private Space while Online Learning Education:

Help your child minimize distractions by giving them their own private space for online learning. For instance, you could set up a desk in your child’s room so they are able to maintain focus. Involve them in the decision-making process — maybe let them purchase a desk in their favorite color! Also, ask them if they require supplies you don’t currently have at home for best online learning platforms.

Control while Online Learning:

Allow your kids to take control of their progress and encourage them to communicate how they’re feeling about the material while online learning. You can create color labels to make it easier for your kids to describe where they are in the virtual learning process. For instance, red could mean they’re not ready to advance to a new topic, green could mean they’re ready, and yellow could mean they’re unsure. Your child can use this system to communicate how they feel about each school subject.

Educational Games with Best Online Learning Platforms:

Kids always take an interest in learning when it’s fun! Play a few educational games before or after classes to keep your kids thinking. They can play Osmo’s word games, puzzle for kids, or other interactive games for kids that blends digital and physical play with best online learning platforms.

Recognize Feelings-Virtual Learning:

Encourage your kids to stay in touch with their emotions throughout the day. Being able to recognize their feelings allows kids to express themselves to others. If your child is feeling gloomy, you could spend some quality time with them before class to make sure they’re ready to learn by best online learning platforms.

Checklist on Online Learning:

If your child has been given homework or an assignment, help them make a to-do list. This will keep them motivated and engaged in the virtual learning process!

Osmo is here to help keep your child’s online learning on track. For tech-driven fun educational games and educational toys, visit the Osmo website!