7 Ways to Fuel Your Child’s Creativity

September 9, 2021 / Parent Resources

Research has shown that we have impaired creative development in children. Instead of allowing them to be imaginative, we have surrounded them with props and characters that actually inhibit their creativity. 

Gone are the days when kids would imagine a stick to be a sword; they now have Star Wars that allow them to choose their lightsaber (fictional energy sword).

Here are 7 ways in which you can encourage creativity in your child:

Foster a creative atmosphere at home

For example, you can brainstorm new ways in which your kids can spend the upcoming weekend. This will encourage them to come up with new, creative ideas. Resist the urge to criticize or evaluate these ideas.

Also, tell your kids about the times you’ve made mistakes and grown from them. Sometimes, kids are almost afraid to think creatively for the sole reason that they’re afraid to fail.

Give your kids space & time

Space and time are two of the most important resources for creative development.

Allow your child to play in the garage, attic, or in their own room. This will provide them with the space they need to showcase their creativity (albeit a little messily, which is again necessary for creative development).

Additionally, give your child a lot of time for unstructured and imaginative play.

Encourage freedom of thought

It might be hard to stop worrying about our kids. We might have a lot of irrational fears. It is only when we put those to rest that we can allow our kids to explore their own ideas.

When we give them the autonomy to do what they want, we encourage flexibility, which in turn fosters creativity.

Let your kids disagree with you

Since you’re a role model to your child, they’re likely to believe that your way is the only way. Make them see that there’s more than one way to solve a problem. Encourage them to challenge your views.

Make sure your child isn’t extrinsically motivated

If you reward your child for exhibiting creativity, the quality of their thought process will change. They’ll start to practice creative thinking only if they’re getting something in return. Make sure that your child is intrinsically motivated and not extrinsically.

Let your kids participate in the arts

Limit screen time and replace it with reading, drawing, and roleplaying. But, for healthy, guilt-free screen time, play Osmo!

Don’t worry about achievements

The goal of any activity is to have fun! When your child has fun, they express themselves more creatively. The process in which your child carries out a task is more important than the product of the activity.

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