6 Sensory Strategies to Help Kids Refocus on Learning

September 21, 2021 / Parent Resources

With these 6 Sensory simple exercises, you can help your child manage distractions and stay focused on their learning.

Create a space

If you notice your child having strong emotional feelings, have them move away to their own “space”. This could simply be a certain area in your home that lets them breathe and take a break from their learning for a while.

Hug your knees

For this activity, your child must sit on the floor with their knees up, resting their chin on their knees and hugging their knees tightly.

Backwards hug

Simply ask your child to sit on the floor and reach both arms backwards, cross them together, and squeeze their wrists.

Sit on a chair

Ensure your child sits on a chair with back support. This will help them stay focused on their learning, especially when they’re feeling low on energy.

Perform body breaks

Getting some exercise in the middle of learning can greatly improve your child’s energy and engagement levels. They could do some yoga poses, jumping jacks, and so on.

Sit in a cardboard box

Stuff a large cardboard box with some soft pillows and have your child sit inside these boxes. This will be an interesting way to refocus on learning.

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