5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Fall

September 9, 2021 / Parent Resources

The first day of fall aka the day of autumnal equinox falls on September 22 this year. Here are some ways you can celebrate this special day.

Explain why leaves change color

When fall arrives, leaves change to colors of yellow and orange. Explain to your child how this happens; the chlorophyll in the leaves break down due to change in temperature and length of daylight. When the chlorophyll breaks down, the green leaves disappear and out come the yellow and orange colors! You’ll also find additional changes in color due to chemicals and the mixing of pigments.

Decorate the house

What marks the first day of fall (apart from the leaves)? Pumpkins, acorns, and cones. You can have your kids go outside and find all of these. Then, decorate the house using them.

Dress up in fall colors

Wear cute yellow and orange clothes at home. Additionally, you could also make some fall accessories with your child; maybe a pretty leaf-shaped necklace or cone-shaped earrings?

Make pumpkin soup

If your kids aren’t fans of soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pasta, and pumpkin pie are all delicious options! Your kids could help you out with the preparations as well.

Do some gardening

If you plant something like radishes, cauliflower, or lettuce on the first day of fall, you can enjoy them in late fall or winter! These are simple plants that sprout fast.

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