5 Valuable Skills 8-Year-Olds Learn from Household Tasks

August 19, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

Did you know that simple household chores can teach your child valuable life skills? Here are just five examples of what kids gain from household activities for 5 year olds:


One of the easiest ways for kids to learn responsibility is by picking up their toys and clothes around the house. Add some fun to this chore by making it a timed challenge! Use your phone or kitchen timer to track how long it takes the kids to pick everything up. If four or more kids are participating in clean-up, you can even play a game of capture the clutter. In this game, the winning team is the first to collect and put away all of their opponent’s clutter.


The next time you’re packing your child’s sports gear or sack lunch, why not ask them to try? The earlier you let your kids take ownership of these tasks, the more self-reliant they will become. Another activity that promotes self-reliance is outfit planning. Picking an appropriate outfit for the day’s weather and activities requires critical thinking and research skills.


By acknowledging your kids’ contributions to the household, you give them confidence in their abilities! Another fun way to encourage your kids to clean is by hiding treats or stickers under loose items. You can also create a chores reward chart! All of these options make your kids feel more accomplished and motivated to chip in around the house.

Time Management

After a meal, you could set a 10-minute timer and have your kids clean the table, and put any leftovers inside the fridge. Similarly, you could set a time limit for other chores like making the bed, washing the dishes, or sweeping the floor. These activities will teach your child to prioritize and effectively manage their time.


Encourage your little one to be a helpful member of the family. That means not only completing chores, but also finding a movie to watch or counting change for the pizza delivery. It’s important to instill this value because kids repeat the behavior they learn at home in the wider world. An iPad learning game activities for 8-year olds that promotes helpfulness is Osmo’s Pizza Co.

We hope you and your family enjoy these activities for kids at home that make housework fun! If you’re looking for more creative games to play, check out our educational iPad games and STEM activities for kids!