5 Simple Tips to Develop Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

September 29, 2021 / Parent Resources

Kids learn to think critically when they become curious about things; when they become more open-minded and flexible. Here’s 5 ways how you can hone your child’s critical thinking skills.

Avoid micromanaging

Your child will find it hard to think for themselves if you’re always ready to “fix” their problems. Giving them the space they need to solve problems on their own will help them see how capable they are.

Ask questions

Encourage your child to think through a problem by asking them questions. Ask them what their ideas are, and what makes sense to them.

Encourage mistakes

As nerve-wracking it may be to watch your child make mistakes, it’s important to let them know that mistakes are opportunities to learn and think critically.

Allow time for free play

Unstructured play time lets your child develop countless ways to think and learn, on their own. This unstructured time also helps develop new neural pathways.

Remember to empathize

Your child will be able to think rationally when they unload their emotions. Remember to listen to, acknowledge and understand these emotions so that they can gradually think logically.

We hope these tips will help you improve your child’s ability to think critically. Osmo’s digital-physical games for kids also offer your child several ways to think and learn through hands-on play!