4 Reading Games Kids Will Love

June 25, 2021 / Parent Resources

Let’s face it. Kids wouldn’t consider reading to be a leisure activity. They would much rather play outside, or with their toys. We’re here to help change that! These reading games for kids build your child’s literacy skills through hands-on play. After trying these, they’ll definitely find reading to be fun rather than a chore!

Make Name Tags

Label objects around your house with name tags. This is a wonderful way to get your child to read! Once they learn each of those words, replace the name tags with empty ones. Now, your child must spell the missing word. Each spelling they get right earns them 1 point. If they manage to earn, for example, 5 points, it means you both get to bake together. Similarly, if they get 10 points, maybe you can have movie night! And so on.

Read and Choose

Here’s one of the best reading games. All you have to do is write down various activities on paper. Your child should read each activity out loud and decide which one they want to do. 

If, say, the activities include “going for a swim”, “going to the park”, and “watching a movie”, they’d have to pick an activity they want to do. This activity is also a great way to give your child a sense of control.

Play the Sorting Game

To play this game, first cut pieces of paper. On those pieces of paper, write down names of items belonging to different categories. For example, if your categories are food, and animals, you can write down “pizza”, “cat”, etc. Then, find the right container that represents each category. 

Maybe a cooking pot could serve as a container for food-related words, and a stuffed animal could serve as a container for animal-related words. Kids must sort through the words and place them inside / next to the right container. Isn’t this one of the best early literacy games for kids?

Go Letter Hunting

Ask your child to hunt for items that begin with certain letters. If you ask them “hunt for something that starts with b”, they could find a ball, bat, or anything that fits the bill. You could then have them write down the word on paper. 

A digital-physical game that develops early literacy skills is Osmo’s ABCs. In this game, kids get to form letters with squish Sticks & Rings, with help from Mo the friendly Monster.

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