What Are the Most Effective Science Teaching Strategies?

August 3, 2021 / Parent Resources

Experiments. Documentaries. Worksheets. These are probably some among the few words that come to your child’s mind when we say “science”. With these 6 strategies, however, you can completely change the way your kids think about this core subject.

Failure is important

Kids will not be able to learn effectively if there’s a fear of failure that’s blocking the learning process. Let them know that failure is important to succeed.

Revising models

This means after students receive new information or feedback about a concept, they must revise models on their own to adapt it to new problems.


Add the fun in science with interactive activities for preschoolers and games. Osmo’s Newton is a great way to learn core Physics concepts!

Student talk

When students talk about what they’ve understood and there’s more interaction in the classroom, engagement levels increase.

High-interest motivators

For example, if you’re teaching how to make a volcano for kids, get some pumice for the kids to observe. Samples and specimens like these will gauge every student’s interest.

Inquiry-based learning

Pique your students’ curiosity by allowing them to participate actively in science discussions. This means they’ll need to be encouraged to make observations, test out ideas, and ask questions in order to come up with solutions to problems.