5 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day

February 2, 2022 / Learn About Osmo

We don’t need a reason to celebrate pizza, do we? But, besides gorging on pizza, there are a few more fun ways in which you can make this day special. This is one of fun activities for kids at home to prepare and eat delicious pizza with friends and family members.

List of Activities to Celebrate National Pizza Day

Here are some of the amazing activities to enhance your kids’ learning experience on National Pizza Day given below. 

  • Host a pizza making party: A little healthy competition never hurts anybody. For this party, simply place pizza ingredients in front of your kids and watch them make their own pizza. Whoever makes the most delicious pizza wins.  Parent supervision is recommended during the process of making pizza. 
  • Play Osmo’s Pizza Co. game: Feeling lazy to host a real-life pizza making competition? Have a virtual one instead! In Osmo’s Pizza Co., your kids get to run their very own pizza shop. Beyond making pizza with tangible pizza tiles, they get to calculate change and learn addition, subtraction, and fraction skills.
  • Have a pizza-themed gift exchange: This National Pizza Day, help your child give their friends cute pizza-themed gifts. For instance, they could customize a t-shirt, a bag, socks, or any such accessory, to feature their favorite food of all time – pizza.
  • Play pizza-themed word scramble: A game of word scramble could develop your child’s critical thinking skills. Since it would also include the names of some tasty pizza toppings, they’re bound to have a blast! Some word scramble examples include: lovies (olives), hceees (cheese), msalai (salami), and so on.
  • Make pizza crafts:Hone your child’s creativity with this activity. Place a few craft papers and paper plates in front of them; leave them to figure out what to do next. These crafts for kids will enable them to enhance their creativity as well as have fun in celebrating National Pizza Day. 

We hope you and your kids have a gala time this National Pizza Day. For more interactive activities, explore holiday activities for kids, worksheets for kids, alphabet coloring pages, art activities for kids at Osmo.