Underwater Month in Genius Tangram: Meet Inventor Jacques Cousteau and Design Your Own Diving Suit

March 22, 2022 / DIY & Printable

Genius content refreshes every month! This month, dive into the underwater world, learning about sharks, seashells, scuba, and everything in between.

We’ve compiled limited-time game updates, real-life genius stories, and educator-approved activities into interactive printables, designed to enhance your little kids’ learning. Access this week’s printable by clicking the button below:

Game Update

Check out Osmo Tangram for six Underwater-inspired puzzles for kids and new character outfits to unveil. Only available this month!

Genius Spotlight: Jacques Cousteau

When you hear the words “scuba diving,” what do you picture? Maybe someone wearing flippers, big goggles, or a tank on their back? We’ve got Jacques Cousteau to thank for that!

As a young boy growing up in France, Jacques liked to swim. During a period of time when he was swimming daily, Jacques’s friend let him borrow a pair of goggles. Being able to open his eyes underwater was a gamechanger!

Jacques’s interest in underwater exploration grew from there. At that time, scuba diving equipment as we know it had not yet been invented. Portable breathing tanks were just being experimented with, and you couldn’t stay underwater long.

That changed in 1943, with the “Aqua-Lung.” With the help of engineer Émile Gagnan, Jacques invented a breathing tank that could be worn on a diver’s back for a long period of time. The “Aqua-Lung” device is still used today!

Jacques helped invent other useful diving gear like underwater cameras, too. He wrote a book and made documentaries all about the adventures of underwater research. Jacques’s work introduced the world to ocean life, all thanks to a special scuba tank!

Real-World Activity: Design Your Own Diving Suit

Try this educator-approved activity at home. This week’s printable (button above) has instructions with photos!

If you were a scuba diver, what would you want your outfit to look like? Using the outline in this week’s printable, use your art skills to give the gear some color!