Toy Insider Features Osmo on Fox 4 Ft. Myers

July 7, 2021 / Parent Resources

Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit is one of the best summer travel learning toys for kids this year!

Laurie Schacht, the Chief Toy Officer of Toy Insider joined Fox 4 in Ft. Myers to talk about Osmo, Junkbots, Tonies, and more summer travel toys.

The Genius Starter Kit (ages 6-10) comprises the following games:

  1. Tangram: Arrange physical tangram pieces to match on-screen puzzles
  2. Words: Arrange physical letter tiles to spell secret words
  3. Newton: Guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones
  4. Masterpiece: Transform images into simple outlines to draw to perfection
  5. Numbers: Learn to count, add, subtract, or multiply using tangible number tiles

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